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Fashion keeps changing and so does your wardrobe. Normally, fashion changes within a year, while some trends stay for long. Also, it is normal for some trends to reappear after about 20 years. You most probably are not a fashion editor! Thus it is difficult to notice a wardrobe malfunction or fashion mistake. Even though fashion trends keep popping up, several key elements remain the same, and these tips, I kid you not, will ensure your wardrobe is fashionable all the time.

1. Take Care of Your Capsule Wardore

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The reliable wardrobe staples you must have, include a spectacular little black dress, a classic blazer, perfectly fitting jeans, a denim jacket or effortless leather jacket, a simple T-shirt, and button-downs mostly neutral colors. Note that a mix-and-match basics capsule collection is the ultimate goal of ensuring you look fashionable. Now that you have a working capsule wardrobe spend time learning how to style them.

2. Ensure the Styles Fit Perfectly

Top Fashion Tips HGC Apparel

Trust me, wardrobe malfunction is real, in this world and the next! So invest in a good tailor or only purchase clothes that fit. Most fashion editors recommend tailored clothing because they make you look polished. After all, pants dragging on the floor and dresses that tend to bunch up awkwardly will make you uncomfortable. However, tailored products can be expensive, thus makes sure you shop for fitting outfits for your capsule wardrobe. Afterward, you can begin playing with sizes, under- and oversized items, that feel fashionable and not sloppy.

3. Learn how to balance proportions

Top Fashion Tips HGC Apparel

What it means by balancing promotions is, styling your outfits to build a general aesthetic harmony. This entails wearing clothes that complement your body shape. It is normal to want to play with oversized clothing or unusual shapes; so, make it a fashionable moment by mixing the style with a fitting outfit. For instance, if you are wearing oversized jeans try pairing them with a fitting crop top.

4. Find your Personal Style

Top Fashion Tips HGC Apparel

Understanding your sense of style is important. Take time in analyzing how certain clothes make you feel and look, and the level of comfort they provide. This is critical in the development of your signature style and may take years; the best way to achieve this is through creating mood boards. To ensure you develop a signature style try out new styles since you do not know the amazing looks awaiting you until you get into the dressing room. Do not be limited by fashion titles such as menswear and womenswear, since you are experimenting. You are unique and thus play with different shapes and colors and you will end with the best wardrobe.

5. Change into a disciplined shopper

Top Fashion Tips HGC Apparel

Hear me out, how many clothes have you bought and do not wear? Start purchasing clothes that are exactly what you want and stop filling your wardrobe with unnecessary items. The reason why you should limit your purchases is they allow you to love all your pieces, enabling you to perfect your outfit styling.

6. Use Belts

Top Fashion Tips HGC Apparel

Belts may seem unnecessary, but they are an essential addition to an outfit to ensure it looks more put-together. They are also essential accessories in balancing a look that otherwise is impossible to work such as a billowy midi skirt and a long cashmere sweater.

7. Play around with colors

Top Fashion Tips HGC Apparel

Colors can seem complicated, and you may choose to avoid them especially when you are used to plain colors. So try adding colors to your outfits progressively, by starting with a single color, and maintaining the rest of the outfit at neutral. With time you will understand what color combinations work best for you. Also, follow some notable fashion icons on social media and learn how they play around with colors.

8. Mix Patterns and Textures

Top Fashion Tips HGC Apparel

It’s the new error, I mean the future is now, matching your handbag to your shoes is old fashion. Nowadays we clash textures and prints as it gives a bold fashion statement. Try wearing neutral patterns like stripes in addition to low-key textures like knits and leather. Progressively, add paisleys and sequin such ties, clutch or scarf, until you establish what works best for you.

9. Plan it Out

Top Fashion Tips HGC Apparel

You don’t want to wear anything in a rush. So plan it out and don’t let your mornings catch you off-guard. The beauty about planning is it gives you ample time to try out all your outfits and establish which pieces match- like is the green shirt matching with the denim trouser or the black mini.

10. Seek Out Inspiration

Top Fashion Tips HGC Apparel

Even though you may dislike following people on social media, the sites are full of fashion inspiration. So start following stylish women on Instagram and learn how to manage your closet on Pinterest. Top fashion brands are spending immensely on social media influencers, thus bringing fashion to your doorsteps. You need to know which fashion icons dress within your budget as you do not want to spend time watching something you can hardly afford.

11. Try statement Accessories

Top Fashion Tips HGC Apparel

Statement accessories are effective especially when your outfits seem dull. Statement accessories can be and are not limited to necklaces, bracelets, rings, or belts. However, you have to understand the unspoken rules of statement accessories before trying them out. The reason is statement accessories are meant to send a statement and if you wear them wrongly you may send the wrong statement. Some rules such as letting the statement accessory shine over your outfit and wearing the least number of statement accessories at once ensure you send the right message. There are about seven rules and understanding them helps you to open up to a new world of fashion.


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