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The Mission

HGC is committed to social justice and uplifting the voice of the voiceless. Our garments turn heads and make people stop in their tracks. Our most notorious battle cry, ‘They Love Our Culture, They Don’t Love Us!”exposes countless instances of discrimination and exploitation happening in our community.

Through the power of garments, we provide access to internships, scholarships, and grassroots involvement that promotes activism, diversity, and the inclusivity needed to create change on a global scale.

When you join this journey, know that you are part of a global army. Grab your pieces, make a statement, and remember you’re now a leader.

Suit up!

About the Voice HGC Apparel

What is HGC Apparel?

In the early 2000s, there was a scarcity in meaningful apparel that once dominated black culture. Clothing was beginning to lack value, substance, and most importantly pride. This passion for activism, alongside vibrant color ways, and daring statements, challenge the social constructs of society and show the world your voice. The brand has grown so much over years and is now in Foot Locker, Footaction, and Champs Sports locations across the nation. To find a store near you, use our Store LocatorFrom there, Haute Greeks Couture rebranded to “HGC Apparel,” giving life to a monumental movement spearheading what is now known to be “Unapologetically Black!”

What We Value

About the Voice HGC Apparel


By showcasing the vast array of positive Black family dynamics, we create stronger bonds, boost self-worth, and a instill the pride needed to be the next revolutionary members of our community. 
About the Voice HGC Apparel

Black Love

Since Black love is rarely depicted in media, we make it a safe space to promote and uplift our people and the love we share. Black love is amazing and we encourage  all aspects of happiness and relationships.
About the Voice HGC Apparel


We pride ourselves in building connections through garments that spark interest in HBCUs, educational tools, and the continued learning resources that are vital to the pride, confidence, and progression of our people.
About the Voice HGC Apparel
Marcia Smith is the founder of HGC Apparel, a brand filled with items that will help send a message of empowerment, self love, and community awareness. While creating a brand of such monumentous impact, Smith found herself in the military stationed abroad while trying to maintain her creation. Despite a challenging situation, Marcia did not stop until she could witness the business grow from a hobby into a dream. While cultivating that dream, Marcia married and had a beautiful son, which lead her into entrepreneurship.
After finishing her seven years with the Army in 2018, Smith started working full-time to grow HGC Apparel after moving back to the States for the first time in almost a decade. This would also be her first time witnessing her brand’s impact in person after only experiencing it through photos on social media.
We still “Fight The Power,” but this generation is taking over the revolution!
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