HGC Apparel | Dress Review “Respect, Protect, Love The Black Woman” By Destiny Bennett

“Respect, Protect, Love The Black Woman” is what the text read on the new HGC apparel dress I received. I thought to myself, “that is probably the most powerful statement I’ve seen on a piece of clothing, in combination with it being unique in style and color.” It was the perfect piece to make a statement about something that I relate to and is so close to my heart, while also feeling and looking good. Because let’s be honest, you see impactful statements made on T-shirts all the time, but I personally have never seen one on a dress.

My husband and I love to match, so it was really the icing on the cake that he was able to coordinate with me with the “Black By Popular Demand Striped Deluxe Black Pocket Shirt.” We wanted a unique and eye-catching outfit to wear for a day out on the weekend of my birthday, and this turned out to be the perfect one. When we went out together, it felt like all eyes were on us, literally. We received so many compliments, and people stopping to read, admire and ask where we purchased our outfits. I loved that so many people of different ethnicities and origins actually stopped to read the “Respect, Protect, Love The Black Woman” and asked questions, which gave me the opportunity to talk to them. Aside from the visual aesthetic of the clothes, the fabric is so soft and you can tell how well made it is. I would totally recommend any of HGC apparels wardrobe, but this dress in particular was a winner for me!


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