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Amanda Seales’ Gem Droppin’: Attention vs Affection

Amanda Seales' Gem Droppin': Attention vs Affection HGC Apparel
By Harper’s Bazaar Staff as seen here.

The actress/comedian is bringing a weekly lesson to Bazaar on the difference between fact and faction.

You might recognize Amanda Seales from HBO’s Insecure, or the viral clip from Katy Perry’s live stream dinner where she schooled Caitlyn Jenner on white privilege—or maybe you know her Get Your Life web series, or you’ve seen her giving social commentary on CNN. Seales literally does it all. Now, the actress/comedian has created Gem Droppin’, a new weekly show where she breaks down important distinctions between fact and faction. She continues to share her witty common sense commentary—from uncomfortable politics, to rationale in relationships. Agree or disagree, Amanda keeps everyone laughing and learning while keeping it real, and she’s giving Bazaar an exclusive first look.

This week, Seales talks relationships and the difference between attention and affection. Watch the video below.

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